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Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish
Our Lady Queen of Peace Church :: 3800 Ely Place, SE, Washington, DC 20019 :: tel.(202) 582-8600  fax (202) 575-3317  ::
My Brothers and Sisters in Christ:
This is a day that the Lord has made let us be glad and rejoice in it! Jesus Christ is truly risen! Alleluia! The event of Christ
resurrection has been changing the lives of God’s people throughout centuries. Thanks to Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice, we can call
God our Father. Jesus Christ breathes on us His spirit and gives us a new life in Him. It is because He is alive that we do not die
anymore. Death does not have power over us anymore. Moreover, because Christ truly rose from the dead, He gave us the
power to love each other and to forgive each other. 
My beloved parishioners in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I invite you to participate in the feast of all the feasts -
the New Passover fulfilled in Jesus Christ. On that glorious night Jesus Christ passed over from death to life and opened to us
the gates of Heaven. Let us accompany our Blessed Redeemer as he entered Jerusalem on the Palm Sunday. Then let us
celebrate with Him the Last Supper, when Jesus instituted the Holy Eucharist on Holy Thursday. Let us follow after Him when he
carried the cross to die for us on Good Friday, so that on the Resurrection Sunday we can joyfully sing Alleluia, giving thanks to
Christ for His love and mercy.  
On the behalf of all on the staff, I want to extend to all of you our deepest prayers and our sincerest hope that you know the joy
of this holy season.   May the Christ, who conquered death, be the source of all your joy, and the promise that your life has a
meaning no matter in what circumstance you find yourself.   Please come and worship with us.  Enclosed you will find the
schedule for all the services of Holy Week.

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Pawel Sass, Pastor

Holy Thursday Mass: 7:00 PM
Good Friday: Passion presentation: 6:00 PM. Veneration of the Cross: 7:00 PM.
Easter Vigil - Saturday: 7:30 PM.
Easter Sunday: 8:00 AM Sanctuary Choir Mass.
10:15 AM Praise & Worship. 10:30  AM Gospel Choir Mass.